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Retaining clients, creating new business, motivation, the re-allocation of lawyers to different practice areas and a sharpened focus on controlling costs – are today's realities.

We are helping our clients to win business in a tough and competitive marketplace. To protect profitability at a time when fees are under pressure. To motivate and engage their people. To achieve high performance through smarter project management. To take whatever action is necessary to achieve success.

What distinguishes the firms that remain confident is the readiness to take action. To re-deploy their people. To identify and seize opportunity. To realign their approach.

We have significant experience working in the legal sector and will work with you to solve the challenges you're facing:

  • Winning and retaining clients
  • Leadership and management
  • Streamlining and optimising the firm
  • Achieving long-term, strategic advantage

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Chambers are facing renewed challenges to modernise, increase efficiency, adjust to direct access and diversify.

We understand these challenges. Moreover, we understand the nuanced workings of Chambers and how to engage with members at all levels.

30 years’ experience working with barristers and the wider legal and professional services community allows us to combine deep insight with broad experience to deliver consultative and highly effective development. Here are some of the ways we can help you and your colleagues:

  • Diversity, recruitment and people management
  • Leadership and management
  • Strategy development, business planning and change management
  • Communication and business skills
  • Individual support for Judicial and ‘Silk’ applications and interviews - learn more

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To find out more about how we can help you, the best place to start is with a conversation:
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We’re currently using our broad experience in the field to assist clients such as:

Case studies

Withers Project Management

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Development managers in a leading law firm

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Case studies

Learn more about the value we have recently delivered to clients.

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Judicial Appointment
and Silk

We offer specialist support to lawyers and solicitors applying for judicial posts and Silk.

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We have built up a broad cross-sector experience. Explore the sectors below to find out more about our proven track record.

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