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The technology and telecoms sector experiences specific business challenges and opportunities. JSB’s understanding of your industry enables us to bring targeted benefits to your organisation and your people.

In an industry where products and services evolve rapidly and your clients face technical challenges, finely-tuned interpersonal skills are the only effective way to meet their increasing demands. If your organisation operates on a global level, the ability of your staff to adapt quickly to new environments and corporate cultures is pivotal to your success. Just as technology knows no national and cultural boundaries, so your branding must attain global recognition.

Internally, technically skilled employees can often benefit significantly from training in managing not only projects, but people and performance. Staff can benefit from learning to deal with the impact of frequent mergers and acquisitions. Effective interpersonal skills, employment law knowledge and people management skills all have a crucial part to play in helping to deal with such events and maintain organisational effectiveness.

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