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Advanced Presentation Skills

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Aimed at the more experienced presenter, this programme will develop your presentation skills from being good to being memorable. We will go through the different ways of structuring presentations to suit your objectives and the audience, we will focus on involving your audience directly and indirectly throughout your presentation and ensuring your performance is distinctive.

Individual benefits

  • Develop ability to give impromptu presentations
  • Become an effective social as well as business presenter
  • Develop confidence for the big event presentation
  • Become persuasive and influential

Organisational benefits

  • Become a brand ambassador for your organisation
  • Raise your profile through marketing
  • Become a role model within your organisation
  • Attract more invitations to speak

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  • Strategic preparation and planning
  • Different and more advanced presentation structures
  • Refresher of key communication skills
  • Captivating your audience through direct and indirect involvement
  • Handling difficult audiences and rising to the challenge
  • Social and impromptu presentations
  • Conference, keynote and roadshow presentations
  • Use of humour, movement and gesture
  • Tools - using quotes, props, anecdotes and the element of surprise
  • Welcoming questions and debate

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