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Building High Performing Teams

Transforming an average team into one that is motivated, outperforming and high achieving

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Strong, engaging and effective leadership plays a vital and significant role in building and maintaining high performing teams. Motivated, hard working and spirited teams are able to tackle adversity and deliver success.

JSB specialises in helping individuals, teams and organisations build and sustain outstanding performance. We enable managers to understand the leadership traits and behaviours needed to catalyse outstanding performance – not just as a one off, but consistently. 

We can help participants

  • Develop confidence to build a team that will be fully committed and engaged
  • Learn to innovate and be flexible in the face of change
  • Be able to spend more time working at a strategic level
  • Contribute to a culture of high performance within your business
  • Positively impact the measurable success of your business
  • Boost the morale and motivation of your people, and enhance your reputation as an employer of choice
  • Themselves be more engaged with your organisation




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A typical programme may include:

Understand high performance and shared leadership - team working in your organisation

  • What does “High Performance” look like in the business context?
  • Teamwork – ‘the average team’ versus ‘the high performing team’
  • Exploring the concept of shared leadership

Maximising performance through a range of approaches

  • Uniting around a common purpose: mission to individual objectives
  • Developing an effective range of work approaches for team activities
  • Activity: Individual work to self-assess your own team leadership in the light of these discussions and to identify factors helping and hindering progress. Discussion in pairs about what you can do to address these issues

Building a team, engaging the members and managing difficult situations

Building the team 

  • Team roles and personality profiles
  • Ensuring complementary skills
  • Managing difficult team situations, personality clashes and conflict

Developing mutual accountability

  • The empowered and supportive team
  • Supporting personal initiative
  • Building commitment and engagement
  • Building trust within the team
  • The value of exchanging feedback
  • Case study: Maintaining the high performance of the team 

Disbanding the team and retaining talent

  • Celebrating success – and mourning separation
  • Retaining talent: re-integrating and refocusing your high performers
  • Activity: Paired and individual work to self-assess your own organisational leadership in the light of the afternoon discussions and to identify factors helping and hindering progress. What can you do to address these issues?

Personal reflection and action planning

  • What have you learned that will impact your ability to build high performing teams?
  • What changes you will implement in your organisation to build and maintain a high performing team?



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