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Building Influence

Achieve successful outcomes through the power of influence

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As a leader and manager, in different situations and with many different people, you need to exert influence in an effective and appropriate way to achieve successful outcomes.

A good understanding of strategic influencing and the tactical approaches available to you, together with an ability to use a range of influencing skills and techniques with confidence, is invaluable.

In this workshop, you will focus on the real challenges you face and the real situations in which you need to exert influence. You will develop a strategic plan for influencing, learn powerful tactics for getting results and explore different ways of influencing people and situations. You will leave the workshop more confident and with enhanced influencing skills.

Workshop highlights:

Our influencing skills workshop will enhance your ability to:

  • Use a wide range of skills and techniques to get great results
  • Influence people with very different personalities and profiles
  • Overcome resistance and opposition
  • Be effective in challenging and difficult situations
  • Control your own conduct and behaviour
  • Have power, authority and impact

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09:00 Morning session

Context and challenges

Defining terms – what is influence – and what is it not?
What makes the context in which we are exerting influence so challenging?
The difference between ethical and unethical influencing
Sharing your influencing scenarios:

  • What is the situation
  • Who is involved?
  • What other factors are at play?
  • What outcome are you looking for?

How to choose your influencing strategy and tactics

  • Use a practical tool to conduct a strategic analysis your scenario
  • Map the stakeholders to understand perspectives, interests, challenges and likely responses
  • Understand the different sources of power and influence at play
  • Assess risk, outcomes and consequences
  • Understand the tactics available to you – the pros and cons
  • Consider what tactics will be helpful in your scenario

How to flex your influencing style to get the best outcome

  • Push and Pull styles of influencing
  • Persuasion or negotiation – using rational persuasion skills
  • Building connection, relationship and trust
  • Connecting people and developing networks
  • Choosing appropriate channels for communication
  • Emotional intelligence. Influencing at rational and emotional levels


Afternoon session

How to influence in a world full of diversity 

  • Working with diversity – the impact of cultural, generational and  gender differences
  • Influencing different personality types and understanding how they view the world
  • Understanding and connecting to their values, beliefs and perspective
  • Using the most effective style for this individual or group
  • The power of connecting people and building networks

How to move from conflict to consensus 

  • The SPACED model for one-to-one conversations
  • Creating engagement. influencing a group. Bringing different views together to achieve consensus
  • Developing key skills – questioning, listening, assertiveness, rapport-building, persuasion, negotiation
  • Practical activity in pairs: influencing one-to-one to achieve agreement

Making a difference 

  • Final question and answer session
  • Planning your actions – how you will transfer the learning to the workplace
  • Your JSB facilitator will be available for optional follow-up coaching discussions

17:00 Workshop close

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