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Change Management for Leaders

The knowledge, skills and toolkit you need to prepare, launch, lead and review change - from vision and strategy to personal impact

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We live in a time of rapid, far-reaching and radical change. Globalisation, fierce competition, the impact of disruptive technologies – in almost every sector, these and many other powerful factors are driving the pace and the scale of change.

Successful organisations stay ahead of the change curve. They move beyond the purely reactive, they initiate lead and manage change in a confident, decisive and effective way.

This workshop will help you to get to grips with all essential dimensions of managing and leading change. You will learn from what has been achieved in other organisations, understand when and how change fails and succeeds – and come away with everything you need to make change a success in your organisation.

Seminar highlights

Our leading through change seminar will enable you to:

  • Align strategic, cultural, organisational, team and individual change – and use and apply best practice models for establishing a clear way forward
  • Diagnose impact and maintain momentum
  • Manage and contract with stakeholders inside and outside your business
  • Apply an understanding of strategy, innovation and continuous improvement to optimise the change you seek to achieve
  • Recognise and apply the differences between change leadership and change management
  • Assess change readiness and  organisational, people and personal development needs
  • Launch your change initiative – and educate, communicate, negotiate, influencing and facilitate
  • Assess and build change leadership style
  • Project managing change – and deal with resistance, variation and tackling obstacles
  • Evaluate and assess change ROI and impact

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Day one: Get to grips with all the dimensions of change

09:00 Managing and leading change

  • What do you wish you had known before you embarked on the change?

Understanding the dimensions of change

  • Clarifying the ‘why’ – what is the future state you wish to achieve? What is the present not fit for purpose? What is the likely journey?
  • Understanding the impact on change on cultures, organisations, teams, people, individuals and yourself. The psychology of change
  • Tools for diagnosing likely effect, and tactics to maintain consistent, aligned momentum
  • Stakeholder management
  • Change tools and practical theory – access leading edge thinking and practice
  • Innovation, continuous improvement and change – getting beyond the conventional to be rigorous, efficient and creative
  • Recognising and applying the differences between change leadership and change management

17:00 Close of day one

Day two: The change journey - effective leadership and management at a strategic, organisational, team and individual level

09:00 Preparing to change

  • Recognising change readiness in others – and in yourself
  • Assessing strategic, cultural, organisational, people and your own development needs
  • Applying continuous improvement and innovation principles and best practice in your approach
  • Project managing change – from change charters to essential management tools

Launching your change initiative

  • Educating, communicating, influencing and facilitating – determining what leadership style to adopt with others
  • Change communications and mobilisation – how to engage, inspire, enable and gain sustainable commitment

Leading and managing change

  • Dealing with resistance and managing obstacles
  • Handling variation, time and resources
  • Changing contracting – tackling stakeholders
  • Working with teams and individuals – retreats, coaching and developmental support

Reviewing and assessing impact

  • Evaluating and assessing change – understanding why, how and when to measure. Change ROI
  • Why, when and how change fails and succeeds

Action planning

17:00 Close of seminar

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