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Complete HR Business Partnering

Providing forward-looking and ambitious HR professionals with the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they need to enhance the impact that they have at their organisation.

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

The business partner support model has been around for over a decade now, however the challenges for HR Business Partners have remained consistent. What is a HR Business Partner and how do you develop a business partner role?

HR Business Partners continue to be drawn into operational tasks, caught between responding to both corporate and business needs and struggling to attract the necessary talent. These are just some of the challenges contributing to the HR Business Partner’s failure at being strategic.

What your comprehensive programme might cover

Designed to suit your organisation, the Complete HR Business Partner programme will equip HR Business partners with the knowledge, skills and techniques to tackle these challenges and realise the true value the role can deliver. The programme offers the chance for HR professionals to develop their skills and behaviours to improve their effectiveness as well as to develop their functional knowledge whilst learning alongside their peers experiencing the same challenges.

Our clients often combine pre- and post-course webinars with highly interactive face-to-face modules so they are ready to apply their learning.

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The successful HR Business Partner

  • The underlying principles and requirements of HR Business Partnering
  • How to apply the principles of Business Partnering to your role and organisation
  • What are the core capabilities that you need to develop to be a successful Business Partner?

Strategic HR unpacked

  • What are the key people issues that you face as an HR Business Partner?
  • Practical approaches to managing key people issues
  • Business acumen: what is it and how to acquire it for your organisation
  • Why and how HR activity impacts business outcome

These sessions are highly interactive, involving small group discussions and plenary knowledge share. You will also have the opportunity to assess your current knowledge and practice and determine your priority next steps for back at your organisation.

Business Partner as business consultant

  • Building your toolkit: applying a range of analytical approaches to HR situations to determine root causes and appropriate solutions
  • Partnering in different ways to achieve different ends
  • Selecting the right HR activity to achieve the intended results

HR analytics and measurement: an overview

  • Why and how are analytics essential to delivering impact?
  • Exploring your experiences and utilising analytic reporting techniques available to you
  • Addressing the challenges of measurement

Practical ways in which the Business Partner can use HR analytics and measurement

  • Using data and indicators to discover priority people issues for your business areas
  • Developing sound business cases for action that persuade investment in HR activity
  • Assessing that your HR activities are delivering the intended impact and value, and proving return
  • Supporting business strategy delivery and planning for future success

These sessions are supported by group work and practical application of the essential content covered applied to examples from your own organisations.

Developing the skills of a high performing Business Partner

  • Explore the behaviours and interpersonal skills that will enhance your influence as an HR Business Partner

Group activity: Building your credibility and impact

This session will be an opportunity to learn about and apply those core skills that will enhance the way in which you interact as a Business Partner. You will also be able to practice and share feedback on those key persuasion and influencing techniques that are vital to build credibility with your business managers and directors.

Enhancing your partnering relationships

  • Assessing and extending the reach of your stakeholder relationships
  • Moving your relationships forward to be partnering on work with increased impact
  • Discover how to build your networks and raise your profile
  • The HR Business Partner as Trusted Advisor – enhance your core consulting skills

Apply assessment frameworks to reflect on the strategic nature and scope of your current business relationships and leave with concrete plans for how to take these relationships forward.  

The HR Business Partner as change agent: ensuring initiatives deliver

  • Understanding change, and how to ensure as an HRBP that change projects and initiatives deliver their intended outcomes
  • Building your change toolkit: what to do as an HRBP across different types of change projects, from organisation led restructures to departmental or HR led initiatives – things to do to make sure they deliver

Try out the tools with your own live projects to assess and determine ways forward to ensure success.

Drawing it all together: the HR Business Partner toolkit

  • Integrating your work across the three modules to create your high performing HRBP framework
  • Cross-coaching work that builds on your HRBP capabilities pre work, to help ground your learning back in your organisation

A review of where you are now, and establishing your priorities going forward

Your ongoing development pathway

  • Where next for you?
  • Establishing your support network

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