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Delivering Exceptional Presentations

Control every aspect of your verbal and non-verbal communication to achieve success

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We are surrounded by information. Countless voices are clamouring for our attention. Technology exposes us to an unending flow of messages. The first challenge for the presenter in today’s environment is to be heard. Cutting through the noise to deliver high-impact presentations that really make a difference is now a skill that sets you apart.

Who would benefit?

We can design and deliver a bespoke workshop for anyone who wants to achieve a business outcome by communicating in a powerful, confident and audience-focused way. The outcome may be different – to influence and persuade, to build your brand, to make a sale, close a deal or win a pitch, to engage hearts and minds for an new venture or an important project – our workshops will help you develop the knowledge, confidence and skills you need to achieve success.

 What will participants learn?

By attending such a workshop participants will be able to:

  • Construct compelling messages that resonate with their chosen audience
  • Convey an aura of confidence, competence and credibility
  • Control every aspect of their verbal and non-verbal communication to achieve success
  • Create and manage a productive, lively interaction with their audience

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A typical programme may include:

  • Audience focus. How to profile, understand, meet the expectations of and connect to your listeners
  • Objective setting. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve. Achieving total clarity on your key and supporting messages
  • Structure – opening, development, closing, inductive and deductive approaches
  • Content – intellectual rigour, sequence, relevance
  • Personal preparation – attitude, dress, appearance. Nerve control – recognising and controlling any nerves you may feel
  • Compelling delivery  – mastering seven key skills

Seven key skills

  • Impact. Creating a powerful first impression. Building rapport and creating attention. Building authority and confidence
  • Authenticity. Being yourself when the pressure is on and the adrenalin flowing. Not letting nerves flatten and diminish you
  • Presence. Being seen as credible and authoritative. Gravitas and charisma. Drawing the room to you and to what you have to say
  • Influence. Reaching out, involving and persuading, involving. Achieving the result that you intend
  • Clarity. The abolition of ambiguity. Being heard and understood. Using language that renders the complex and the demanding accessible and clear
  • Energy. Physical, vocal, mental and linguistic. The extraordinary power of focusing and centring all these different dimensions of energy
  • Connection. Alignment with your audience. Connection that calls on logic and emotion. Handling questions and creating interaction. Building consensus and getting agreement

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