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Designing Global HR and L&D Strategies

Access key insights into best practice international HR management

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We create and deliver programmes for HR and L&D professionals with international responsibilities - providing practical help in the design and implemention of HR and L&D strategies across international borders.

Globalisation and the establishment of offices and factories abroad creates a host of challenges for HR and L&D professionals who need to ensure that employees based overseas, both those on international assignment and those recruited locally, are engaged and well managed on a day-to-day basis.

Cultural, legal, political and economic differences between home and host countries can significantly impact employment relationships. It is vital that HR and L&D professionals have effective policies and procedures in place to maximise the productivity of their international employees and minimise the risk of conflict, grievances and dismissals.

Who will benefit?

All those HR, L&D and OD professionals who have, or are likely to have, international responsibilities. Typically run as a 2-day programme.

Participants will learn about:

International HR strategy

  • Understanding the key principles of international HR
  • Investigating why and how to develop a global mindset
  • Exploring the impact of cultural differences on HR policies and procedures
  • Reviewing the influence of international employment laws
  • Considering how best to develop appropriate recruitment and selection policies
  • Finding out about the challenges of managing employee performance

International L&D strategy

  • Investigating how best to align your local L&D strategy with organisational objectives
  • Comparing the arguments for a global approach vs. a local approach
  • Exploring the ways in which to create leadership programmes for international employees
  • Finding out about how to reflect cultural differences in L&D interventions
  • Considering the tools available to evaluate international L&D
  • The role of technology in international L&D

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Understanding international HR strategy

  • Understanding strategy and how to ensure your international HR approach is strategically aligned to deliver sustainable and competitive advantage to your organisation
  • The challenges of an international HR strategy
  • International orientation of strategy

The globalisation of HR and its structure to deliver international HR strategy

  • Developing a global mindset
  • Parent country and local HR

Recognising cultural differences

  • Recognising organisational and country cultures and values
  • Why they are important in the international HR strategy
  • Exploration of case study experiences and research findings

Global employment laws and ethics

  • Identifying how international laws and EU directives impact international HR strategy
  • Recognising key issues impacting HR strategy, eg immigration, visas, integration of laws into policies and practices
  • Considering the role of ethics in the international HR strategy

Aligning HR policies and practices as part of the international HR strategy

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Employee performance management
  • Wellbeing
  • Communications and employee relations
  • Managing remote workers

Action planning

  • Identifying your key actions to be implemented when returning to work



Understanding international Learning & Development strategy

  • Ensuring your L&D approach is aligned to the organisation
  • L&D’s role in multinational performance and strategic advantage

Key considerations in international Learning and Development

  • Standardised global approach vs local approach
  • Matching learning and development methods to cultural differences, including emerging technologies
  • Developing virtual and global teams
  • Discussion of case study experiences and research findings

Aligning elements of L&D as part of the international HR strategy

  • Global leadership development, including talent management
  • Global management development
  • Knowledge management
  • Training for cross-cultural adjustment

Measuring and reviewing the international Learning & Development strategy

  • Working with the key stakeholders
  • Models and tools for evaluating learning and development
  • Monitoring and reviewing the strategy

Action planning

  • Identifying your key actions to be implemented when returning to work

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