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Developing a Strategically Aligned Learning and Development Strategy

Link L&D to your talent management, performance management and employee engagement initiatives

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We can create a programme that will enable you to design, develop and enhance your learning and development strategy to align with key business objectives and deliver bottom line results.

Learning and development sits at the heart of organisational success. A well-embedded learning and development strategy will increase an organisation’s core capability and unlock high performance. This in turn creates value and drives competitive advantage. To create a true learning culture, a holistic approach is needed. You will need to incorporate talent management and succession planning strategies as well as effective performance management processes and engagement frameworks.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Determine the strategic priorities for their organisation and operate as a business partner
  • Understand how to align strategy with business objectives and how to create a learning culture
  • Explore how to integrate talent management, performance management and employee engagement into the L&D strategy
  • Establish the structures needed to support the learning process in your organisation
  • Consider how to structure and communicate the strategy document and plans
  • Identify potential barriers and explore methods for resolution

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Learning and development strategy at the heart of organisation success

  • Understanding strategy and how to ensure your L&D approach is strategically harnessed and aligned to deliver strategic advantage
  • L&D culture and its central role in organisational performance and strategic advantage
  • Making the case for L&D – proving worth

Strategic priorities: where the money should go?

  • Determining the strategic priorities of your organisation: how to ascertain and manage the balance between the many sources of need
  • A look at the sources of development need:the business strategy and direction; core competencies; organisation wide needs; departmental and individual focus; the technical and professional; leadership and management development
  • The strategic planning process for L&D: what makes sense in your organisation
  • Ensuring your L&D function demonstrates efficiency and worth

L&D strategy and the talent management, performance management and engagement framework: integrating L&D within the people strategy

  • What to include within the L&D strategy and interfaces with other people strategies
  • A focus on talent management, career development, performance management and succession planning
  • Where it begins: the link with strategic induction
  • The engaged workforce: the role of L&D

The business partner approach to L&D: partnering with your organisation to ensure best strategic fit and to develop an embedded L&D culture

  • What it takes to operate as a business partner
  • Key skills and approaches
  • Assessing your own approach and that of your L&D function

The learning process: determining the structures needed in your organisation

  • PDPs, learning logs, CPD frameworks and approaches
  • Assessing and progressing individual needs
  • Monitoring of uptake
  • Learning interventions: what makes a difference?

The L&D strategy document and plans

  • What to include, how it might look – examples and structures
  • Audiences for the document: communicating with impact
  • Keeping it current
  • Investors in People and the link to strategy

Addressing the challenges: typical issues and challenges to successful L&D

  • Exploring potential barriers in your organisation, and identifying approaches to resolve

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