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Developing and Leading Organisational Strategy

Acquire a set of tools, skills and insights to help you become an engaged leader of strategic change

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

All strategic change requires a certain amount of change on the ground – how are your people going to lead and support their teams through this period of change? What stories are they going to tell that inspire their teams to be guided by them through this transition? All leaders have a compelling story that they use to inspire.

Becoming an engaged leader of strategic change takes a well developed set of tools, skills and insights. A relatively small number of people may be familiar with the new strategy. How will they work with this new knowledge and engage others? We can help develop your leaders and ensure that they in turn develop their people in line with your company’s vision. Take a look at our sample learning below.

Participants will:

  • Be able to describe their personal leadership and alignment within the organisation
  • Learn the framework of strategy
  • Use and apply specific company language and tools to develop and deliver their plan of action
  • Relate the company strategic building blocks to the competitive market environment and part of the business in which they operate
  • Learn about strategy and change tools and how to use them in a complex working environment
  • Increase levels of personal and team engagement
  • Determine how best to engage stakeholders in delivering exceptional performance
  • Be confident in communicating change and telling their story to the team and stakeholders

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A typical programme may include:

Personal leadership

  • What do we mean by personal leadership?
  • How might we define it?
  • Key factors in building personal leadership
  • Building personal leadership before organisational leadership
  • Personal vision and behaviours
  • How your personal beliefs/values align or conflict with the new strategy

Global-to-local strategy

  • Where is alignment between global and local possible?
  • How do you need to work to ensure it is sustainable?
  • Where are the paradoxes and contradictions – for cultural, market or other reasons

Building your own leadership story

  • What does my organisation need and how can I contribute?
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Contradictions and personal beliefs that hinder alignment
  • Telling your strategy story

Key dimensions of strategy

  • Defining strategy
  • Identifying the components of your strategy and how they connect
  • What makes strategy succeed and fail?
  • Analysing the gap  between your current position and where you need to be
  • Targets – how will you define your objective?

Assessing and building leading marketing positions

  • Understanding the competitive environment
  • Tools for assessing the external market 
  • Answering the questions 'when to compete’, ‘where to compete’ and ‘how to compete’
  • Tools to analyse your internal capabilities to deliver exceptional performance

Making decisions in a complex organisation

  • A tool to help you balance conflicting priorities and achieve speedy, quality, strategic decisions for the long-term
  • Applying the tool to your own situation

Managing and leading organisational and team change

  • The blockers, inhibitors and accelerators of change
  • What helps to embed and integrate change?
  • Employee value proposition – how am I addressing the “what’s in it for me?” question?
  • Anticipating reactions to change and planning how to deal with resistance 
  • Developing a plan that enables as many people as possible to be able to engage with change
  • Be  confident in communicating change and telling your strategy story

Personal leadership – how will you align yourself with the plan you have developed?

Action planning 

  • Putting it all into practice
  • Linking your actions to your personal goals

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