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Developing HR strategy: Designing a People Strategy that Delivers Business Outcomes

Learn how to link your HR activity to business strategy and how to establish the contribution that HR makes to the bottom line

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We can give you the insights and skills to develop an effective HR strategy that is linked to overall strategic planning and delivers results. As organisations’ corporate objectives are changing, HR must adopt a ‘big picture’ approach and be able to widen its exposure, identify organisational needs and implement appropriate interventions accordingly.

We explore human resources strategies, leaving you confident in your HR planning and enabling you to overcome what is often a major challenge: persuading the board that HR is adding value whilst simultaneously transforming what was traditionally a transactional centre into a strategic function that partners across the business.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Develop an HR strategy that aligns with your organisation`s goals and delivers success
  • Assess latest thinking on the people and performance link: HR interventions that make a difference
  • Become an HR business partner and learn how to develop strategic influence
  • Get tailored input and consultancy advice on how to develop HR strategies

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Strategy, HR management and strategic HR management: concepts and realities

  • What is business strategy and strategic HR? What are alternative views and approaches and what models can be drawn from?
  • Examining the importance of HR strategy and the changing role for HR professionals: latest thinking and current realities
  • How strategic are you? A practical activity to assess the role your HR function currently takes

Getting in touch with your business: widening your exposure

  • Achieving a solid appreciation of the big picture and needs of your organisation
  • What are your company’s business and corporate objectives?
  • Assessing the current state of the market or environment in which you operate: who are your stakeholders and competitors?
  • Recognising your business drivers and values to link them to your HR strategy and to match to people interventions successfully

The people and performance link: how HR can drive business success

  • What HR interventions make a difference? Latest research on critical people and organisation issues
  • Moving from a list of HR activities to an integrated approach to deliver organisation success

Becoming a business partner and developing strategic influence

  • Assessing the challenges to becoming a business partner
  • How to develop strategic influence in your organisation: achieving early consultation and shaping strategy creation
  • Enhancing your personal influencing skills
  • Establishing and sustaining credibility: what successful HR leaders do – research findings and current realities
  • What influence do you have? A practical activity to assess the current issues and barriers you face and what you can do to increase your influence. 

Business planning for your HR function

  • Analysing your resources: comparing your HR staffing and time allocation to your identified critical people issues
  • Developing objectives for your HR function and the interlink with HR strategy
  • Developing your HR team: approach, ethos, qualities and skills
  • Marketing and promoting the HR function: changing perceptions and building credibility across the business
  • A practical activity to review where you are currently and determine ways forward

Developing an HR strategy that is owned by your organisation

  • Exploring the scope and content of HR strategies: alternative models and case study examples
  • Involving key players to ensure meaningful identification of issues and achieving buy in
  • How to ensure the HR strategy is a living document owned by your organisation
  • Capturing and communicating the HR strategy
  • Exploring what can go wrong: identifying and overcoming barriers

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