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Effective Business Partnering

Develop your capability to build strong, productive relationships as an effective Business Partner

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Business partnering, which is now recognised by most organisations, means that support team experts, including HR, Finance, Communications and IT, are aligned to part of the business to work hand in hand with them, bringing their functional expertise and experience to add business value, rather than simply to support.

Business partners, advisors and internal consultants must develop their capability to build strong, productive relationships and strategic knowledge and focus. We are highly experienced in designing and delivering bepoke programs that provide a solid foundation in the skills, behaviours needed to operate efficielntly as a 'Trusted Advisor'. 

What you can expect from the learning?

Each programme is unique and designed to meet your needs, culture and objectives. Here is an outline of what might be included:

  • Why business partnering?  Exploring the role and how it adds real business value
  • Understanding trust in business and how to build productive relationships based on trust 
  • Each participant completes and receives detailed feedback on the Trusted Advisor 360 assessment
  • Gaining insight into behavioural styles and how to use them to achieve more in a business partnering role
  • Dig deeper and connect better with your stakeholders;  identify ways to influence your stakeholders effectively
  • Work on your real situations and challenges to develop solutions that can be implemented directly after the programme for immediate impact

Our approach:

  • Pre-module activity to build momentum and engage
  • Guidance on line manager engagement up front and afterwards to ensure commitment and alignment
  • Face-to-face learning and experience with practical real-life activities to engage, practise and make it memorable
  • Activities based on case studies, exercises, real-play practices and plenty of opportunities to apply and develop skills
  • Practical tools to take away and use
  • A reconnect session after the programme to remind, review, share successes, find new solutions and continue the development journey

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Building trust as a business partner

  • Discover the core skills required to be a business partner and identify where can you improve?
  • How do you move from an expert to a trusted advisor, explore the differences and how to achieve the right balance
  • Understand the Trust Equation – how does this impact you in your role? How can you build upon the elements?
  • Review your own Trust 360º assessment, assess your relationships, celebrate your strengths and work on your areas for improvement

Understanding behavioural styles and how to use them in a business partnering role

  • Gain a perspective on social styles and understand how they can help you as a business partner
  • Explore your own preferences and identify the styles of your key stakeholders
  • Discover how to build your intimacy as a trusted advisor, flexing your preferred approach to engage with your business stakeholders and be more effective in your role

Obtaining Stakeholder commitment

  • Understand styles of influence and explore how best to connect with and influence your audience
  • Understanding your audience – applying the model and techniques you have reviewed to your own scenarios
  • Putting what you have learnt into practice on your own, real business challenges to develop skilful dialogue to improve your partnering skills
  • Assess your stakeholder relationships and develop an action plan to continue to improve them

Appreciative Inquiry

  • Using appreciative enquiry to develop your actions and next steps to progress

Action Planning 

  • Identifying actions and opportunities to embed your learning priorities

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