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Effective Communication and Influencing Skills

Build stronger relationships at work and influence more effectively

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Through our tailored communication and influencing training, groups of colleagues learn to achieve greater success and openness in their work-based relationships. Equipped with the core skills required for effective communication, your people will know how to gather information, build relationships and persuade internal and external audiences.

Skilled questioning, focused listening and confident voicing of views will enhance the performance of individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. All our communication programmes contain interactive sessions that will help participants grow in confidence. Each participant will leave with a Personal Action Plan identifying the key changes to make.

Participants will:

  • Understand the importance of effective communication at work
  • Communicate more effectively – utilising different techniques and styles as required
  • Improve your personal influencing style
  • Apply powerful influencing tools and techniques with individuals and groups
  • Be more efficient at gathering new information through effective questioning techniques
  • Pick up on hidden messages and act upon them
  • Develop confidence and credibility
  • Be more engaged with colleagues, customers, clients and key stakeholders
  • Maximise impact in challenging situations

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A typical programme may include:

Effective communication

  • Identifying and using different communication styles
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Understanding the other person’s perspective 

Good questioning skills

  • Understanding when and how to ask a question
  • Taking the time to question - rather than answer
  • Using probing techniques to gather information

Good listening skills

  • Improving your concentration when listening
  • Demonstrating appreciation of the other person`s point of view
  • Spotting hidden meaning, feelings and emotions

The impact of poor questioning and listening

  • Creating confusion and misunderstanding
  • Losing new ideas and stifling creativity
  • Causing frustration and de-motivation

Successful and ethical influencing

  • Definition and characteristics of influence 
  • Recognising distinct influencing styles 
  • Choosing strategies for ethical influencing
  • Skills and competencies for effective influencing

Power and influence

  • Participants will evaluate their own power and the power of others involved in a personal situation.
  • How are power, position and authority expressed?
  • Key principles of power and influence
  • Evaluating your power bases and planning to boost your personal power

Making a positive impression and improving your personal impact

  • Participants will brainstorm ways of making a positive first impression and will receive feedback on how to develop their personal impact
  • How to make a positive first impression
  • Using the `confidence shield`
  • Using powerful body language and maximising personal presence
  • Rules for making an impact in meetings

Building rapport

  • Participants will identify how they react and behave in various situations and discover what makes a colleague tick.
  • Speaking your stakeholder`s language
  • Using NLP to build rapport
  • Understanding maps of the world

Reducing conflict and reaching compromise

  • Understanding the principles of assertive communication
  • Establishing objectives and asking for what you want
  • How to work through objections, resistance and conflict

 Putting the principles into practice

  • Final practical exercise and discussion to ensure real life concerns and challenges have been addressed. 
  • Preparing a self-development action plan for the future

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