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Effective Feedback Skills

Essential techniques in conveying both praise and critical messages

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

There are essential techniques in conveying both praise and critical messages. We can design and deliver a workshop that looks at the difficulties often experienced in giving and receiving feedback. We will provide guidelines for giving and receiving constructive feedback assertively and professionally, while maintaining an effective working relationship. Participants will practise feedback skills and will receive feedback to help them fine-tune their skills.

Individual benefits

  • Identify what feedback is - and isn’t
  • Gain confidence in giving and receiving praise and constructive feedback
  • Develop techniques for overcoming concern about receiving feedback
  • Be able to use feedback in work situations e.g. appraisals, coaching, team-building, supervising, to improve performance

Organisational benefits

  • Performance improvement
  • Reduced potential for conflict/energy drain
  • More openness among staff
  • Move from a ‘blame’ to a ‘ learning’ culture

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  • The feedback cycle
  • The purpose and benefits of effective feedback: both positive and negative
  • Key skills for effective and constructive feedback
  • Cultural differences in the use of language and interpretation
  • The communication gap: how our beliefs act as a filter, what is said and what is heard
  • Handling difficult messages and sensitive issues
  • Immediacy: using `real time` feedback to bring about change
  • How to structure feedback: timing and methodology
  • Encouraging and receiving feedback: from your staff and colleagues
  • Practising the skills and receiving feedback on technique

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