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Employee Relations, Trade Unions and the Law

Sustain harmonious and mutually beneficial relations - build confidence dealing with Unions

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This one-day course provides a comprehensive grounding in the ‘collective’ side of employment law and employee relations. Employee relations, trade unions and the law covers EU and UK aspects and is ideal for practitioners seeking a comprehensive introduction to all major aspects of this area of law.

A thorough understanding of rights and responsibilities in collective matters is crucial for HR professionals - particularly in larger organisations - in both the public and private sectors.



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Trade Unions, Recognition and Employee Consultation

  • Definition and legal status of trade unions
  • Independence of trade unions
  • Nature and status of collective agreements
  • Recognition and its importance
  • The statutory recognition procedure
  • Recognition rights
  • Disclosure of bargaining information
  • Information and consultation – redundancies, reorganisations and transfers of undertakings
  • European Works Councils
  • Information and consultation of employees
  • The European Company Statute

Industrial Action and the Individual

  • Effect on the contract of employment
  • Effect on statutory employment rights
  • Deductions from pay
  • Dismissal during industrial action
  • A right to strike?
  • Case study



Liability of a Trade Union for Industrial Action

  • Liability for the economic torts
  • The statutory immunities
  • Removal of the immunities
  • Secondary action, picketing
  • Action to enforce union membership, to impose union recognition, in support of dismissed unofficial strikers
  • Strike notices and strike ballots
  • Liability of a trade union in tort

Freedom of Association: the employer/employee relationship

  • Freedom of association and human rights
  • Refusal of employment for trade union reasons
  • Detriment or dismissal for trade union reasons
  • Dismissal and industrial action
  • Offers of inducements - the individualised contract
  • Case study

Freedom of Association: the member/union relationship

  • Membership rights
  • Enforcement of the rule book contract
  • The right not to be excluded or expelled
  • The right not to be unjustifiably disciplined

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