Employment Law Australia

Employment Law Australia

Get an overview of employment law in Australia and see how to manage business operations in this jurisdiction successfully

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1/2 Day Course
22 June - 8am to 11.30am

It is essential that employers operating in Australia understand the legal framework to ensure they maintain good employee relations and avoid falling foul of local employment law and practice.

This Employment Law Australia seminar, led by a partner from leading law firm Minter Ellison in Sydney, provides an introduction to Australian employment law and practice.

It provides a clear overview of the Australian employment framework and valuable insights into the key differences between Australian employment law and that of other countries, as well as highlighting recent changes and developments that may catch out overseas firms.

If you are considering establishing operations in Australia, or are responsible for employees based there, this expert-led Australian employment law course will give you the knowledge to advise colleagues with assurance.

Highlights include:

  • `Need to know` advice on how to deal with employee issues in your Australian operations
  • Understand the legislative framework and latest legal developments in Australia
  • Be able to advise colleagues on local employment law and practice
  • Appreciate the key differences between employment law and practice in Australia and in other countries

An overview of the employment law framework in Australia

  • Setting the scene: Australia’s labour market and legal framework
  • The key differences and how it compares to the position in other countries


Hiring employees and contracts of employment

  • The offer of employment (what pre-employment checks should be done?)
  • Practical advice on drafting terms and conditions of employment
  • Minimum employment benefits including superannuation (the pension equivalent), annual leave, personal/carer`s leave, long service leave and working time arrangements
  • State versus employer benefits (including the paid maternity leave debate)


Day to day employee management

  • Highlighting some key differences in approach
  • Equal treatment of employees: what is the situation in Australia?
  • Discipline and grievances: key issues and differences to the position in other countries
  • Developing trends: including bullying and the role of the health and safety watchdog
  • Privacy issues


Collective bargaining and relationships with trade unions

  • Collective bargaining and the role of the unions
  • Collective agreements and their interaction with employment contracts
  • Union consultation: how far does it go?


Use of independent contractors

  • The Contractor employee debate
  • Drafting contractor agreements
  • The risk of legal claims (including in relation to sham arrangements)


Protecting your business

  • Confidential information, IP and Post Termination Restraints
  • How to get the drafting right: what you need to know
  • What happens if your team leaves: practical steps to best protect your business


Termination of employment

  • Termination of employment: the risks and what to watch out for
  • General unfair dismissal protection
  • Redundancies and restructuring
  • Adverse Action claims
  • Employment tribunals and Courts
Gordon Williams

Gordon Williams

I have over 20 years' experience working as an employment lawyer in Australia and London.   

My clients call me for advice on all aspects of the employment relationship including the usual day to day issues (including performance management, change management and termination), discrimination, privacy, WHS and industrial relations.  However, I am particularly well known for my expertise in dealing with senior executives, post employment restraints, corporate transactions and corporate governance, particularly in the field of remuneration and Australia's golden handshake regime.

I also enjoy working with our overseas clients and find my own overseas experience to be hugely beneficial in explaining Australian concepts in a way that makes sense from the Head Office perspective.


Business directors, personnel and HR managers, employee relations professionals, in-house counsel, lawyers, line managers and anyone with responsibility for staff in Australia

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