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Employment Law for Managers

Helping your line managers tackle tricky management scenarios - within the law

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Staff management is a line responsibility. Getting it right – within the current legal environment – is immensely important for all organisations. Getting it wrong can be very damaging – both in the long and short term.

As managers take a more direct role in personnel issues, their need for practical, reliable employment law knowledge is more important than ever. Being able to recognise, and solve, employee relations problems on the line can save your organisation not only time and money, but also prevent unnecessary claims going to employment tribunal and affecting your pocket and reputation.

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Welcome and Introductions

  • Why does employment law matter?
  • Why is it important for organisations and managers to understand employment law?
  • What responsibilities do managers have?

Employment legislation

  • Identifying and understanding current employment legislation
  • Where does the law come from?
  • Basic guidelines for people managers

Dos and Don’ts for People Managers before employment

  • Getting started: the recruitment process
  • Conducting interviews
  • Employment status – what you need to know
  • Creating the employment relationship
  • Contracts of employment: express and implied terms
  • Pre-employment checks

Managing employees within the law

Discrimination and diversity

  • Discrimination and protected characteristics
  • Direct and indirect discrimination
  • Bullying and workplace harassment
  • The Line Manager's role and responsibility

Family rights in the workplace

  • Dealing with maternity and other kinds of family leave, lawfully
  • How to manage flexible working for all staff

Discipline, grievance and dismissal

  • Recognising and handling grievances appropriately
  • Confidential complaints: what can/must you do?
  • Managing conflict at work
  • Dealing with word against word allegations: best practice guidance
  • How to discipline and dismiss employees fairly

 Terminating the employment relationship

  • Reasons for dismissal – where can it go wrong
  • Wrongful dismissal, Unfair dismissal, Constructive dismissal
  • Avoiding employment tribunals

Difficult issues and challenging situations

Managing performance

  • How do you deal with poor performers?
  • Dealing with the poor performer who is pregnant
  • How do you manage individuals with mental health issues: performance and attendance issues

Case Study

Participants will have the opportunity to apply the law to workplace scenarios in an interactive workplace discussion

Question and answer

  • Check your understanding – Employment Law Quiz
  • Discuss scenarios relating to you own
  • Seeking advice and keeping up to date with the latest changes in legislation

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