Employment Law Malaysia

Employment Law Malaysia

Gain an overview of the employment law frameworks operating in Malaysia

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JSB`s Employment Law Malaysia half-day seminar provides up to date, quality information about the local laws governing Malaysia. Through a case study led approach it equips participants with the skills and knowledge to operate for success in this country.

Highlights include:

You will walk away with:

  • An understanding of the critical employment issues, legislation and trends in Malaysia
  • Practical application of the law to workplace scenarios through country focused break-out sessions
  • Practical employment contract drafting skills
  • An appreciation of the local business culture


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09:00:00 Welcome and objectives

Employment Law Malaysia – The constitutional and statutory regime

  • Who is the “employer”, “workman” or independent contractor
  • Types of employment contracts – permanent contract v. fixed term contract
  • Essential terms and conditions of service (e.g. termination clauses)
  • Collective Agreements

The disciplinary process (show cause, domestic inquiries and punishment)

  • Dismissal for “just cause or excuse”
  • Misconduct and poor performance
  • Representation (60 days rule), conciliation and Ministerial reference
  • Claims in the Industrial Court and Civil Courts
  • Constructive Dismissal

Redundancy and voluntary separation schemes

  • Code of Conduct for Industrial Harmony 1975
  • Bona fide v. Mala fide grounds for retrenchment
  • Calculation of redundancy benefits
  • Voluntary and mutual separation schemes

The structure of the Industrial Court

  • Conducting a trial in the Industrial Court
  • Reinstatement, back wages and deductions (contributory conduct & post dismissal earnings)
  • Challenging Industrial Court Awards
  • Recent Developments

12:45:00 End of seminar

Janice Ann Leo Selvanathan Janice Ann Leo Selvanathan

Janice Ann Leo Selvanathan

Janice Anne Leo LL.B (Hons) graduated in 1997 from the University of London. She completed the Certificate in Legal Practice at the University Malaya in 1999 and was admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 2000.  She holds a Master’s Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management from the University of Sydney.


Formerly a Partner with Shook Lin & Bok, specializing in employment law, Janice started a new partnership: Steven Thiru & Sudhar in 2018.  She has handled numerous employment related disputes at the Industrial Court and judicial review applications at the High Court, and assisted in appeals at the Court of Appeal and Federal Court.  Janice also handles various aspects of employment related advisory work for both local and foreign clients. Janice speaks on employment related matters at conferences/seminars both locally and internationally.


Janice is a member of the Malaysian Bar Council Industrial and Employment Law Committee (IELC) and has been actively involved in continuing legal education seminars organized by the IELC.

Designed for HR directors and managers, employment law advisers, employee relations professionals and line managers who have, or expect to have, responsibility for staff in Malaysia.

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