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This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

All organisations need to ensure they understand UK employment law if they are to optimise their workforces and protect themselves from employee litigation which can result in financial loss, reputational damage and organisational disruption. HR professionals have a pivotal role to play in making sure their organisations are operating within the boundaries of the law, yet, this is a challenging task given the frequent reforms to UK employment law.

FTI Consulting's concise, authoritative, practical and expert-led employment law review brings HR professionals and employment law advisers right up to date with all the latest developments.

Benefit from practical case studies to illustrate key points and enhance your ability to apply new knowledge. Take away a clear, concise and user-friendly handbook for use as a reference back in your workplace.

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The in-depth, practical programme is designed for anyone in need of clear guidance on the latest changes and future updates on UK employment law.

It is of particular relevance to HR and personnel professionals, employee relations managers, employment law advisers and anyone responsible for staff management, policies and procedures.

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Discrimination and gender pay gap

  • Gender pay gap reporting for employers with 250+ staff
  • Review of recent cases on discrimination for religious or philosophical belief
  • “Knowledge” of employee’s disability

Working time developments

  • Holiday pay – what do you include?
  • How to calculate commission and overtime in holiday pay
  • How far back can workers claim holiday pay?
  • What the EAT says about claims for injury to feelings under the WTR

Modern Slavery Act 2015

  • What are your obligations under the Act?
  • What and when do you need to report?

Vicarious liability

  • When is an employer vicariously liable for its employees’ conduct?
  • Is there any defence?
  • Latest key cases
  • When will the employee be acting in connection with his/her employment?

Trade unions

  • Trade Union Act 2016
  • Key provisions and concessions made

European law

  • What happens post Brexit?
  • General Data Protection Regulation – includes more stringent requirements re consent
  • Trade Secrets Directive – will there be wider protection under a harmonised EU law?

Employment tribunals

  • Effects of early conciliation on employment tribunal claims
  • Review of employment tribunal fees and their future
  • Penalty enforcement forms where tribunal awards are not paid

Case round-up

  • A look at notable and important cases including:
    • Metroline West Ltd v Ajaj  – “pulling a sickie”
    • Barbulescu v Romania – reading an employee’s messages at work
    • Department of Transport v Sparks  - when a staff handbook policy is contractual

New law in the pipeline

  • We highlight any proposed legislation, what the government is seeking consultation on and any significant cases on appeal

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