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Enabling and Communicating Change

Helping you create sustainable change that is measurable, motivational and strategically aligned

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We can design and deliver a tailored in-house workshop that introduces practical techniques for leading and enabling change. These techniques will be practiced using the individual’s real-life 'change' scenarios. Each individual will leave the workshop with a detailed and practical application plan enabling them to lead and manage the changes they are currently facing at work.

Who would benefit?

Managers and leaders who are responsible for leading and implementing change. The sample workshop that follows is based on the six building blocks of change, which will be explored and used in the context of the individual’s real-life situations.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the case for change understanding why change happens
  • Outline the six building blocks of sustainable change
  • Create and deliver an engaging vision of the change you are leading or implementing
  • Build a strategically aligned change communications plan using a range of communications methods
  • Work with key internal and external stakeholders to  influence and communicate the change
  • Understand your role in leading, engaging, coaching and motivating your people through change
  • Know how to develop strategies to manage any barriers and resistance to the change
  • Coach others to develop the behaviours that will support change
  • Plan how to monitor and evaluate the success of the change

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Building the case for change

  • Defining change and the change context: the  internal and external context and drivers
  • The different types of change: adaptive and innovative
  • Identifying the changes in your organisation: what and why- the rationale?
  • Your role as a leader and implementer of change - where is your focus: task, team or individual?

Defining your vision of the change

  • Creating your change vision: launching the new future
  • Providing clarity, direction and motivation - what will stay the same, end or change?
  • Developing a clear visual change plan: purpose, picture and plan

Planning consistent Actions and Communications

  • Developing  and documenting a clear and visible strategic plan for the change
  • Setting and aligning clear goals and objectives – engaging others
  • Using project status updates to communicate your change to key stakeholders and project sponsors
  • Using project review tools to understand how you change is progressing

Mapping your stakeholders

  • Identifying your stakeholders  in the change
  • Mapping your stakeholders: their interest and potential impact
  • Creating your stakeholder communication plans
  • Identifying and working through your change champions
  • Overcoming any potential barriers to the changes
  • Understanding the emotional and psychological reactions to change
  • Understanding the emotional/psychological reactions to change
  • How people can react to change: mapping your team on the change curve
  • Preparing and planning to overcome individual barriers to change

Communicating and selling the change: Telling your change story

  • Plan your change communications; what, why, who to, how and when?
  • Explore the range of communication methods best suited for your change
  • Gaining buy-in: people support what they help to create
  • Practice:  Delivering  your real life vision- change story

Coaching your people through the change

  • Diagnosing the GAP between now and the future – at a business, team and individual level
  • Enabling the WHAT and the HOW of people performance during the change
  • Using the GROW coaching model to develop the behaviours required to engage others
  • Practice: practical coaching session using your real live situations
  • Practice: providing feedback when your people  are “not on the bus”

Application planning

Create a detailed application plan to apply the tools and skills from this workshop, to the changes you are responsible for delivering.

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