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Evaluating the Impact of Learning and Development

Review your L&D function to ensure added value and worth

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

A well-embedded learning and development strategy is a core driver of organisational success. It has the power to unlock an organisation's capability and performance. Determining the strategy that will make the difference requires real evaluation and assessment of impact. Only through such evaluation of learning and development can you develop a learning programme that is steered in the right direction to achieve the desired business goals.

Effectiveness can be measured in a number of ways, yet most organisations are not equipped to measure ROI effectively. Evaluation must become an integral element of a learning strategy. Making the case for investment in learning and proving worth through analysing, assessing and evaluating how investment in people is making a difference is key to this.

We can help you evaluate both the effectiveness of your learning interventions and determine a development strategy of real strategic worth.


Participants will:

  • Discover high-impact learning interventions that make a difference
  • Understand how to measure and evaluate the impact of learning interventions, and determine ROI
  • Report and present evaluation data to make a case for investment in learning
  • Review the L&D function to ensure added value and worth
  • Optimise the return from your external training providers
  • Assess your organisation's position and prioritise your next steps

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Learning interventions: what makes a difference?

  • Latest research – what interventions have made the most difference to workplace impact?
  • From top team to starter positions, training provision to on the job activity
  • Share experiences of interventions that have made a difference in your organisation

Evaluating the impact of your learning interventions

  • Latest thinking around evaluation approaches and tools
  • Return on Investment models and application: current research on measuring the intangible
  • The Investors in People quality standard
  • Justifying evaluation and developing an evaluation culture
  • Developing a pragmatic approach: where are you now? Assessing your organisations needs and options

Making the case for investment in L&D

  • Identifying the stakeholders, champions and influencers
  • Reporting and presenting evaluation data, and using to persuade
  • Demonstrating the link to strategic imperatives

The L&D function – efficiency and worth

  • Reviewing your L&D function to ensure you are set up to deliver real benefit
  • Benchmarking and proving your worth
  • Achieving clarity of purpose and scope, and effective collaboration with related functions
  • Presence and profile: assessing your impact

Managing your external providers for maximum effect

  • External vs internal
  • Selecting and using externals well
  • Managing return and value for money

Exploring other sources of funding and self financing

  • Government schemes and funding
  • Self financing options and CPD
  • Thinking creatively to fund development

Taking Learning and Development forward in your organisation

  • Assessing your organisation’s position and developing your priority next steps

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