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Financial Literacy for HR and L&D: Enhance your Business Acumen

Understand the drivers of financial success and how HR and L&D can impact bottom line

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Designed specifically for your team of HR and L&D professionals, this workshop will effectively demystify financial jargon, metrics and reporting. Yet, through practical application and action planning for your own interventions, we will take you well beyond what you might expect from a tried-and-tested ‘Finance for non-financial managers’ programme.

Our specialism is helping HR and L&D people excel in their roles. We understand that you may never have had the same training in financial statements; profit and loss accounts, balance sheets as your finance department colleagues. We also know that how you express in financial terms the rationale for, and implications of, your own HR activities is critical to your role.

What will I learn?

Typical morning session: Learning the language of finance

  • Understand financial statements; profit and loss accounts, the balance sheet and many other commonly used terms and metrics
  • Determine the right questions to ask your colleague in the finance department
  • Build confidence when handling and presenting financial metrics

Typical afternoon session: Applying a 6 step process to justify your HR/L&D intervention

  • Bring your own scenarios to the session and you will be given time and support to apply your new knowledge
  • You will be able to test your skills through financial activities and case studies – all directly related to your HR and L&D
  • You will leave with a detailed action plan to rationalise – in financial terms – your HR activities


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Using financial statements to assess business performance

  • Understanding the profit & loss account and the balance sheet
    • A team-based finance game
    • What are the key things to look for when assessing business performance?
  • Understanding internal management reports
  • Comparing departmental or divisional performance
  • What questions should HR professionals be asking of colleagues in finance?


Understanding the drivers of business performance and how to impact bottom line

  • Establishing the impact of management decisions on business results through live spreadsheet manipulation
  • What HR can do to make a difference
  • Determining the impact of HR activities on the bottom line


HR investments: a six step process to link business issues to HR interventions

  • Financially justifying your investment in HR or L&D
    • Group exercise: Preparing a strong business case  for your investment ideas
  • Gaining buy-in from the finance team

    • Establishing and measuring the ROI of your L&D interventions
    • Calculating the ROI
  • Role play: Having your business case challenged by the ‘Finance Director’


Application planning

Reviewing investment ideas

Applying your new financial skills when back in the workplace

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