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Graduate Development

Equip your graduates with the skills, knowledge and behaviours to fulfil their potential

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Graduates need to be able to demonstrate a blend of technical and interpersonal skills as well as business acumen if they are to make a real impact on your bottom line. Almost half (49%) of employers think graduates lack the skills expected of them at the point of hiring, according to a recent survey by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (2017).

We support clients to create a deliver compelling graduate development programmes that drive performance. Our extensive research into millennials* reveals how high their expectations are and how much they expect from organisations they join. FTI Consulting creates and delivers compelling graduate development programmes that enable you to meet and manage those expectations - and that ensure your graduates understand, and commit to delivering, all the things your organisation needs from them. An FTI Consulting graduate development programme will:

  • Close the skills gap between university and professional life
  • Reinforce and embed your organisational values
  • Develop entrepreneurship, commercial focus and a dynamic understanding of your business
  • Maximise the impact of the graduates on the business, by developing them to fulfil their potential
  • Identify and develop your high-potentials to create a pipeline of future managers and leaders
  • Create a compelling employee value proposition to establish your reputation as an employer of choice

* FTI Consulting conducted a survey of global survey of 4,063 millennials.

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