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High-Impact Presentation Skills

How to be heard in an age of distraction

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

This intensive, one-day workshop will give you the confidence and skills you need to speak well in public.

It will help you understand the causes of anxiety, to harness your nervous energy and to deliver speeches and presentations that are excellent, engaging and effective.

Through practical work and self-reflection, through structured and constructive feedback and video playback, you will discover and develop your strengths and the capability you have to speak well.


What you will learn:

Confront your anxiety and master your nerves. Use insights from neuroscience. Understand the psychology and physiology of stress, what coritsol and adrenaline can do to us and why the prospect of public speaking can create anxiety.

Practical strategies for harnessing your nervous energy. Make the transition from being in survival to being at choice. Use mindfulness to be fully present and to enhance your presence. Challenge negative inner dialogues. Use anchoring and visioning. Turn perceived threat into real opportunity.

Change the terms of engagement with your audience. Actively welcome their attention. Accept the reality of scrutiny.  Be at ease under the focused gaze of others. Talk to them and not at them. Be with them. Take them as welcome guests into your circle of connection.

The physical dimension of public speaking. Be comfortable in your own body.  Own the space. Work from entitlement not permission. Learn how to see and be seen. Take full control of the physical manifestations of nervous energy. Centre your energy in every dimension – physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual.

Memory and recall. Use the memory palace of Simonides. Practical techniques for mastering and remembering your content - acrostics, association, mind maps, rhythm and repetition.

Control the time. Understand how nervous energy can distort our sense of time. How to avoid being  hurried and rushed. Sequencing. The power of doing one thing at a time. Be at ease with silence.

Release the power of your voice. Understand the physicality of voice production. Techniques for deep breathing and vocal projection. Use your diaphragm to support your voice. Work with the natural range and tonality of your voice. Allow the power of your thoughts and the strength of your feelings to inform and animate your voice. Bring musicality, cadence and variety to the way you speak.

Language. Use words resonate with your audience. Bring simplicity and clarity to your messages. Harness the extraordinary power of well chosen words to engage hearts and minds.

Get results. Use your presentation skills to achieve your goals – to win business, to motivate your team, to influence and persuade, to engage and energise.

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09:00 Morning session

Define the challenge

What makes the context in which we are presenting so challenging:

  • A world saturated with information
  • Distrust – ‘you would say that, wouldn’t you?’
  • Noise, crowded airspace, clamouring voices
  • The people who hear our message are time-poor and time-pressured
  • A culture of distraction and inattention

Meet the challenge – create great messages, be a powerful messenger

  • Achieving excellence in both content and delivery
  • Getting yourself in shape
  • Focus and being ‘in the zone’
  • Recognising and controlling nerves

Understand how you come across

  • You deliver a two minute presentation. Video playback to enable you to see yourself as your audience sees you. Moment by moment analysis of how you come across
  • Detailed, constructive, confidence-building feedback from the JSB consultant and from your fellow participants
  • Practical tips on how to be a great messenger
  • You then do a 30 second ‘re-take’ of part of their two minute presentation – followed by further video playback and constructive feedback

How to develop compelling content

A highly interactive and practical session in which you will work on:

  • Constructing compelling and memorable messages
  • Ensuring your content has richness and variety – fact, opinion, evidence, anecdote
  • Making use of the power of storytelling. Engaging your audience through narrative. Embedding your message in an unfolding story
  • Making sure that you are memorable by exploring how people learn, process and retain information in different ways


Afternoon session

How to bring it all together in a great presentation  

You will deliver a 15 minute presentation. Detailed video playback and constructive feedback on:

  • The hook. Commanding and then retaining the attention of the audience
  • Impact, presence, gravitas and charisma
  • Using different presentation media effectively – including the use of PowerPoint
  • Interaction with your audience
  • Live, ‘in the moment’ approaches to engaging and connecting to your audience
  • Handing questions from your audience, thinking on your feet to construct compelling answers 
  • Vocal delivery and non-verbal communication
  • Being heard and understood

16:45 Workshop close

  • Summary of key messages and personal action planning

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