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HR Business Partner - Professional Development Programme

Providing forward-looking and ambitious HR professionals with the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they need to enhance impact

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We can design and deliver a tailored HR Business Partner: Professional Development Programme that provides your organisation’s forward-looking and ambitious HR professionals with the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they need to transform their impact.

The HR business partnering role is critical to delivering strategic HR services to a wide variety of clients – across all types of organisation both within the UK and abroad. It is increasingly recognised by business leaders as a commercially valuable discipline and as a result is attracting a growing number of motivated and talented professionals.

However, despite the very real value that HR Business Partners offer their organisations there is still little evidence to suggest that HR professionals have sufficient influence or credibility in the boardroom.

The programme will be beneficial for HR Business Partners who wish to accelerate their professional development journey. We will explore the role of the HR Business Partner in and provide insight how you can realise your full potential. The modular approach will enable you to test the utility of the skills and tools you acquire and through this increase your personal effectiveness.

Do you wish to further your career as an HR Business Partner?

Whether you are an HR Business Partner who has made the step from an operational to a strategic role or have always been in this part of HR, then this programme is for you. This programme will challenge and advance your current thinking through theory, peer review, coaching and self assessment.

Would you like to be a strategic player within your organisation?

The programme will help your HR Business Partners become active and influential players in your organisation and enable them to work effectively with key stakeholders. Often designed as a modular programme, in Module 1 we explore the relationship between HR activity and the impact on business results. Module 2 will build on this and explore how to use HR analytics to prove the value of HR activities.

Would your HRBPs like to be able to drive the change agenda?

As an HR Business Partner it is essential to be able to lead successful change initiatives. This programme will teach participants how to identify opportunities for change and continuously improve policies and practices within the organisation. Module 3 will examine the role of HR in delivering and achieving change in the business environment and focus on realising the intended results of your change initiative.

Do your Business Partners want to champion the HR function at your organisation?

The HR Business Partner is the pioneer of the HR discipline and leads the way for HR to become an integral part of any leadership team. The programme will explore how the skills of the HR function as a whole can be developed and how HR can be championed through internal and external networking.

Is the programme exclusively for HR Business Partners?

We design programmes that enable senior HR professionals responsible for steering and implementing HR strategy to acquire skills to perform their role more effectively. The programme is relevant to your needs if your role includes organisational development, talent management, driving change and workforce planning.

How is the programme structured?

This multi-modular programme will likely consist of 3 face-to-face seminars that will examine the core concepts and models to build your understanding of current thinking and best practice. The classroom modules will provide the opportunity to learn more about the role of the HR Business Partner and the tools that will help you achieve your strategic impact. You will then have the time to implement these strategies in the workplace before returning to the group to reflect upon your learning.  

After each module you may choose to take part in an online action learning forum with the group to discuss action points from the previous module and prepare for the next module. This will deepen relationships with other participants and lead to genuine peer-led learning.

Additional support will also be available from the programme director Angela Qureshi. Angela will be available for one to one coaching sessions which can be tailored to your needs and used at your convenience throughout the programme. 

Suggested structure



Achieving Strategic Impact as a HR Business Partner

Online action learning forum



Using HR analytics to achieve strategic impact

Online action learning forum



Driving and Achieving Change in the Business Environment

Online action learning forum


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Module 1: Achieving strategic impact as an HR Business Partner

HR Business Partners have a crucial contribution to make to the strategic direction of their organisation. However, achieving impact with senior management colleagues continues to be a challenge.

Over the course of this first module you will investigate what it means to be an HR Business Partner in today’s complex and pressurised workplace. Discussion will be facilitated through small groups and participants will have the opportunity to analyse and apply the principles studied through a range of case studies, role plays and simulations. There will also be the opportunity for self-assessment and action planning so that you can ensure that the rest of the programme meets the needs of your individual learning journey.

  •     The successful HR Business Partner
  •     Strategic HR unpacked
  •     The consultative element of the Business Partner role
  •     Developing the skills of a high performing Business Partner
  •     Building your credibility and impact
  •     Enhancing your partnering relationships
  •     Your wider HR and Business Partner team
  •     Drawing it all together and action planning


Module 2: Using HR analytics to achieve strategic impact

HR Business Partners have a wide variety of analytical and measurement tools at their disposal to help achieve strategic impact. However, these tools are often complex and it can be challenging to unlock their true value.

The second module might explore the ways in which HR analytics can be used to their best effect. The principles will be explored in a highly practical manner via case studies and scenario analysis.  Over the course of the session you will also have the opportunity to review your own measurement and analytics.

  •     HR analytics and measurement: an overview
  •     Practical ways in which the Business Partner can use HR analytics and measurement
  •     Measurement in practice
  •     Creating a work based project

Module 3: Driving and achieving change in the business environment

In order for Business Partners to deliver sustained impact it is imperative that their HR activities are organised and delivered to the highest of standards.

We can design the third module to give you the opportunity to reflect on what you have learned over the course of the programme and consider what can be done by HR Business Partners to ensure that they remain key drivers of organisational change. You will also be able to plan your own priorities for the coming months and the next steps for your development as an HR Business Partner.

  •     Group feedback on the work based projects
  •     Change management and its centrality to the role of the HR Business Partner
  •     Delivering on projects
  •     Drawing it all together: the HR Business Partner toolkit
  •     Your ongoing development pathway

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