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Inspirational Leadership Development

Learn how to unlock leadership potential and performance

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Most leaders are made, not born. Through effective leadership development activity we can shape leaders and help them in their growth and development. With the right approach, we can increase leadership capability – critical to your organisation’s success.

Our ‘Developing Leadership Strategy’ programmes promise latest thinking on enabling effective leadership and an understanding around how leaders learn. You will see how best to deliver an appropriate and effective leadership strategy that will unlock potential and performance at all levels of your organisation.

Participants will:

  • Grasp what it takes to be a winning leader: access your formula for success 
  • Understand the distinct, yet complementary ‘Leadership’ versus ‘management’
  • Explore a range of innovative strategies and approaches to grow your leaders 
  • Connect your leadership strategy to other key organisational strategies 
  • Deliver leadership development: what’s out there now and how to make it work for you 
  • Learn how to evaluate the impact of your leadership development strategy


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A typical programme may include:

Understanding leadership

  • Latest thinking around what constitutes effective leadership: an exploration of the breadth of research, and thought leadership around what it takes to be a winning leader
  • Levels of leadership. Leading at all levels and the interlink with and distinctions from management development

How leaders learn

  • What can you do as an organisation to facilitate the development of your leaders, to enable their growth and optimise their performance? 
  • Research findings of what works best: building your understanding of development approaches that work, an exploration of strategies, options and approaches to grow your leaders

Your organisation’s approach to leadership

  • Understanding the leadership culture in your organisation: where is it now, what is wanted, what is needed
  • Your leadership challenges: how to identify and pragmatically address your realities
  • Stakeholders in leadership: who, how and why to involve
  • The connect of leadership development to other key organisational development strategies: talent management; inducting leaders; values; business planning; performance management
  • Case study analyses: exploring other organisations alternative approaches and challenges
  • Self assessment: analysing your own organisations needs and priorities

Delivering leadership development

  • Alternative approaches explored
  • Specialist internal delivery: from leadership academies to integrated development offers and selected approaches. Deciding what you can do yourself
  • Partnering options. What’s out there and how to make it work for you: the wacky, the niche, the traditional, the business school. Negotiating the perils of finding a provider that will work for your organisation

Measuring and evaluation for impact and success

  • How to assess and prove impact and return on investment for leadership development

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