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Integrated Talent Management

Develop a business driven talent strategy, implementation framework and talent culture that drives business performance

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Talent management encompasses a range of activities that occur at every stage of the employee lifecycle - from recruitment and selection, to induction, development, succession and capability planning. It can therefore be a significant challenge to ensure a coherent and effective talent management strategy is in place.

We can design and deliver a tailored, expert-led integrated talent management masterclass that equips your people with the know-how and expertise to assess your organisation's current approach to talent management. They will be able to design a holistic organisation-wide talent management strategy, and translate this into a robust and practical roadmap for implementation.

Participants will return to work with the confidence and expertise to make tangible changes to your talent management processes.

Integrated Talent Management Course pathway

Who will benefit?

HR practitioners engaged with organisational development, designing and planning high-impact learning and development, talent management, recruitment and workforce planning, management of people strategy and operations from global to niche organisations across sectors.

Participants will:

•    Explore the ways in which talent management can be a strategic business driver
•    Investigate how to develop your organisation's talent management culture
•    Set out the roadmap for the design and delivery of your talent management infrastructure
•    Understand the use of talent analytics in integrated talent management
•    Take away a tailored plan to progress an integrated talent management strategy

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Talent management designed as a strategic business driver

  • The business case for talent management – current research insights
  • Defining talent requirements from a strategic perspective
  • Approaches to assess the talent your business needs to deliver its future
  • Integrating with values-led behaviours and culture
  • Determining how scarce the talent is internally/externally, how easily developed, and implications for your talent management approach
  • Defining your talent management scope - choices and considerations: balancing recruitment with internal development; critical roles versus whole organisation approach; reward integration; diversity matters; and other considerations
  • Embedding talent management into business planning

Assessing and developing your organisation's talent management culture

  • Assessing current practice and belief
  • Assessing current talent management indicators of practice and culture
  • Strategic choices around talent development approaches, and cultural implications
  • Leadership and management behavioural requirements and commitment: achieving involvement, engagement and buy in, and role modelling behaviours
  • Defining and agreeing the goals and principles of your talent management scheme

Integrated talent management design and delivery: building the infrastructure

  • A model for fully integrated strategic talent management practice, options and tools:
  • Talent pipeline, succession planning, talent attraction and acquisition
  • Talent engagement and retention, managing talent risks
  • Talent development, career progression, talent mobility
  • Talent assessment, performance management, integrated reward
  • Talent definition, competencies, maps and pathways
  • Learning from other organisation case studies
  • Utilising technology: options to enable and support the process

Integrated talent management design and delivery part II

  • Developing your roadmap to full implementation: assessing current readiness, areas of good practice, gap analysis and phased implementation integration

Taking talent management forward: your tailored plan to progress for your organisation

  • Consolidate your work throughout the day to ensure your clarity of next steps and requirements to progress Talent Management at your own organisation

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