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Integrating Diversity into your Business

Realise the enormous benefits that flow from actively embracing the principle of diversity

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Businesses are having to ‘get real’ about the diversity of their workforce and their ability to understand and to work with the diversity they find in their customers and clients. It links to the hunt for talent – for some time now, organisations have been casting their net into a far wider pool of potential recruits. The leaders in this area have realised the enormous benefits that flow from actively embracing the principle of diversity.

When considering diversity many organisations think of legal compliance – whether they are up to date on the latest legislation and case law. In this fast changing area of law and management practice it is crucial that employers do keep abreast of and operate in line with the current legal framework. But diversity is not just about complying with the law – more importantly it must be implemented meaningfully and effectively throughout the organisation by creating a culture and employee behaviours which support and propagate diversity.

JSB can provide practical, interactive training for managers and HR professionals on discrimination law, best management practice, diversity strategy design and implementation and raising diversity awareness.

We have recently been asked to:

  • Deliver in-depth training for HR and line managers on equal opportunities and discrimination legislation – including latest case law developments
  • Conduct a session for line managers on cultural awareness and inclusion in the workplace
  • Deliver a half-day Diversity Strategy workshop for senior management – why diversity is a business imperative
  • Carry out a thorough diversity audit of an organisation’s own policies and procedures – conducted on a one-to-one consultancy basis

Individual benefits

  • Become fully aware of legislation and key case law
  • Understand what is involved in the successful implementation of diversity policies
  • Be clear about the business case and the management practicalities

Organisational benefits

  • Generate buy-in and engagement from all employees and leaders
  • Gain competitive advantage and see improved results through a diverse workforce

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  • Legal update - different legal strands of discrimination; UK and EU agendas; bullying, harassment and victimisation
  • Promotion of gender equality
  • Internal and external drivers for change
  • Integrating diversity aims and aspirations with the business strategy
  • Using diversity to make the most of the talent pool
  • Using diversity to enhance your attractiveness to potential customers and clients
  • Responsibility for diversity management – individual and corporate
  • Effective implementation of diversity policies
  • Diversity proofing policies and procedures
  • A forward-looking approach – how to use what you’ve got; measuring progress; identifying next steps and action planning

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