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Leadership and Management Development - including ILM-accreditation

Comprehensive grounding in people management and leadership skills, tools and techniques

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We can design and deliver a blended leadership and management development programme. We believe experiential and action learning best enable participants to successfully transfer skills and knowledge back to the workplace. Our workshops often include role play facilitated by specialist actors, work-based assignments and one-to-one tutor feedback.

Participants on such a leadership and management development programme will:

  • Gain a recognised, highly-respected management qualification
  • Build confidence to manage people and processes
  • Become highly capable leaders able to drive sustained team performance
  • Acquire a toolkit of management techniques
  • Benefit from a powerful mix of workshop, virtual classroom, one-to-one and self-led learning
  • Get ILM student membership
  • Have access to the ILM learning zone, online resources and development support

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A typical programme may include the following elements:

Face-to-face modules
During these sessions you will examine various aspects of management and leadership including:

  • Leadership styles
  • Engaging employees with the organisation's visions and values
  • Diagnosing team and individual performance
  • Coaching for high performance

These provide a thorough grounding in people management and leadership skills together with a practical toolkit to support your role.

The modules take an active approach to learning in the classroom. We believe that in order for knowledge and skills to be successfully transferred back to the workplace it is vital that learning is dynamic and active.

For this reason the face-to-face modules are usually conducted through a lively mixture of group discussion, self-assessment, scenario analysis and live role-play with professional actors. This practical approach will allow you to return to the workplace with confidence in your ability to implement these techniques.

Following face-to-face modules, we ask participants to complete a work-based assignment. This helps them to track their personal development throughout the programme and evaluate skills reviewed in the classroom to determine how best to implement them back in the workplace. Successful completion of the assignment will enable participants to achieve the ILM 5 award in leadership and management skills.

Virtual reconnect
Virtual classrooms allow participants to continue their development after the modules and prepare for their ongoing learning journey. They provide an opportunity to reconnect with the programme leader and fellow participants to raise questions regarding the assignment as well as share success stories and challenges relating to the previous module.

Tutor feedback
One-to-one support can be made available from the programme leader. Following each assignment participants will receive individual feedback through a phone consultation, providing an opportunity to discuss other parts of the programme and receive guidance on personal development.

Sample module one - Managing and Leading People

Assessing your own leadership capability and performance

  • Defining the similarities and differences between leadership and management
  • The core knowledge, skills and practices of a middle manager
  • Why should anybody follow you?
  • Understanding Emotional Intellignece for personal development
  • Leadership styles – flexing your style to the needs of others
  • Defining your leadership strengths and areas to develop

Communicating the inspiring vision

  • Defining the vision for your team
  • Engaging others in the vision and communicating goals, values and expectations
  • Using Emotional Intelligence to engage others in the vision
  • The importance of holding team process reviews for continuous improvement.
  • Essential management communications

Energising and motivating others

  • Defining motivation
  • Overview of motivational theories  and their application to the workplace
  • Motivating and energising through delegation
  • Delegating for growth
  • Creating a real individual and team motivation plan to implement back at work
  • The application of the Leader's Emotional Intelligence to sustain motivation

Application planning

  • Preparation for ILM assignment one – covering the content from this module
  • Personal development planning – preparing to apply the learning into the workplace

Sample module two - Managing Performance and Development

Managing performance

  • Defining performance
  • The what and the how
  • The challenges and the benefits of managing performance

Performance gap analysis

  • Diagnosing team and individual performance – current versus future state
  • Analysing skills, knowledge and abilities
  • Planning to bridge the gap
  • Diagnosing the performance of your team and individuals

Defining development opportunities

  • Understanding how people learn and different learning styles
  • Analysis of development options, their suitability and their benefits to the individual
  • Creating a practical and real development plan for your team

Feedback and coaching to improve performance

  • The importance of SWIFT and well planned feedback
  • Feedback techniques to improve performance
  • Coaching for high performance using a coaching model
  • Managing difficult people situations
  • Practice in feedback and coaching using case studies and real-life situations

Application planning

  • Preparation for ILM assignment two – covering the content from this module
  • Creating your personal development plan
  • Preparing to apply the learning into the workplace

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