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Leading and Managing Meetings

Do away with the unproductive meeting

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

The well-handled meeting provides powerful evidence of the chairperson’s/attendee’s ability to listen effectively, grasp problems quickly, absorb and bring structure to new information, manage time and respond to needs thoroughly. Whether leading or contributing to meetings, individuals need to have the techniques to plan and control them so that they run effectively and efficiently.

We can design and deliver training that enables participants to put these techniques into practice. Your organisation will reap the rewards.

Who will benefit?

All those who regulalry chair and attend meetings - internal and external.

Individual benefits

  • Improve your skills and confidence in chairing meetings effectively
  • Develop your ability to present ideas clearly and encourage other to do so
  • Learn how to prepare for successful meetings
  • Know what the pitfalls of chairing are and deal with them

Organisational benefits

  • Ensure your meetings are giving you value for money
  • Increase productivity and improve organisation morale
  • Encourage interaction amongst colleagues
  • Create a culture in which staff feel involved and engaged in decision making

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  • Preparation, strategy and setting objectives
  • Tactics for engaging participants, encouraging co-operation and achieving ROI
  • Be able to control meetings efficiently
  • Understanding needs of others in the meeting
  • Starting effectively - and sustaining energy, pace and productivity
  • Encouraging discussion, participation and focused contributions
  • Overcoming objections and dealing with obstacles
  • Verbal and non-verbal skills - essentials of presentation
  • Summarising and implementing decisions
  • Ensuring follow-up and feedback

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