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Making the Journey through Change

Practical help and support for team members making the journey through change

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

All organisations navigate through a landscape of continuing change. Success depends of many things – clarity of vision, inspirational leadership, a well-planned strategy, a well-designed programme of communication and, crucially, bringing your people with you

Who would benefit?

The workshop is not for leaders who are creating and leading a change programme. It provides practical help and support for team members who are making the journey through change.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the change process and what it demands of them
  • Use practical tools to effect change – in thei role, in their work and in themselves
  • Develop strategies to enhance their resilience and agility
  • Manage the pressure that change places on them and prevent it turning into stress

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  • The business case. Understanding why change is happening. External and internal factors
  • Understanding the guiding vision. Where are trying to get to? What will success look like?
  • How to make the journey through a change curve that passes through engagement, shock, denial, awareness, acceptance, experimentation and integration
  • How to make change happen – and make sure we maintain ‘business and usual’ and deliver all the things our customers and colleagues need from us
  • Overcoming barriers, resistance and roadblocks to change

Making change work for you

The seven key strategies:

Personal leadership. Using a leadership model with four quadrants – Know Yourself, Get Connected, Get Real and Make a difference

Connection. Using a three circle model that enables you to engage and build rapport with your fellow travellers on the change journey

Resilience. Developing your own ‘bounce-back-ability. Being self-supporting through the change process

Horizon shifting. The rhythm of planning and review at different time frames – the day, the week, the guiding vision 

Decision making. Bringing a conscious awareness to how you allocate your time, effort and energy. Making those decisions against defined criteria

Conflict management. A model that helps you resolve conflicts you encounter on the change journey

Innovation. Powerful techniques for practical solutions to pressing problems

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