Managing Cross-border Employee Investigations

Managing Cross-border Employee Investigations *NEW*

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When conducting internal investigations such as fraud, bribery harassment is a core activity of many HR professionals. Organisations will often have well defined processes for managing internal investigations in their home country but are not necessarily familiar with their legal obligations, or the extent to which other countries employment and data protection laws can impact the process, when such investigations cross national borders.

This 60 minute webinar will provide an overview of the procedures you need to follow when undertaking an employee investigation across borders.  Stefan Nerinckx will provide practical advice on avoiding the common pitfalls and overcoming the common challenges associated with managing cross border employee investigations. You will take away a clear understanding of the steps that must be followed to undertake a compliant employee investigation.

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Highlights include:

  • Understand the risks of failing to investigate  or conducting ineffective investigations
  • Ensure your organisation has effective policies that can be implemented across borders
  • Understand the types of possible infringement and their impact on the nature of the investigation
  • Hear tips for interviewing employees and obtaining  evidence
  • Explore the impact of culture and language on conducting employee investigations


Introduction to cross-border employee investigations

  • Identifying the key reasons that can lead to a cross-border investigation
  • The main internal and external stakeholders in the investigation process
  • What is the business risks resulting from failing to investigate or of mismanaging the investigation process?

Qualifying the facts resulting in an investigation

  • What is the nature of possible infringement? Competition, violation of confidentiality, breach of an internal policy, fraud?
  • Why is the qualification important?
  • How to ensure your company policy is enforceable?

Conducting investigations in the EU

  • Interviewing employees: procedural and legal requirements
  • Evidence: how to obtain evidence in a legal way; what about keeping the evidence?
  • Restrictions and limitations of transferring data and evidence outside the EU
  • Collective labour issues: informing/consulting the employee representatives?

What actions can be taken towards employees where evidence has been found of not complying with the company policy/legislation

  • What contractual and civil sanctions can be inflicted?
  • Penal sanctions?
  • Limited liability for employees?
  • Other actions

Cross-border investigations: the cultural dimension

  • Dealing with language barriers and translation requirements
  • Factoring in local customs and etiquette
  • Engaging local employees, managers and other stakeholders.
Stefan Nerinckx Stefan Nerinckx

Stefan Nerinckx

I am a Partner and head of the Brussels Employment & Benefits department at Field Fisher Waterhouse with over twenty years’ experience in employment, social security and business migration matters. I cover the full range of Individual and Collective Labour and Employment Law matters.

'Legal 500' have indicated me as being one of the ten 'Leading Individuals' for employment law in Belgium stating I'm: “very committed to the client, a perfectionist and an excellent lawyer" and am ‘reliable, understanding of business needs and possesses a broad and in-depth knowledge on employment law’  and I'm praised by the 'Who’s Who of Business Lawyers' (an International Bar Association publication – IBA) and 'Best lawyers' list for Belgium ('The American Lawyer'/Harvard University).

Outside my legal practice, I am a professor at the University College of Brussels and a regular guest lecturer on employment, social security and immigration law issues. I am also a prolific writer (e.g. co-editor of a Legal Journal by Kluwer), a public orator and is regularly solicited by the Belgian government, the Belgian Employer’s federation (VBO/FEB) and the Belgian ‘National Labour Council’ for my insights and views on employment law matters.


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