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Managing Globally Integrated Workforces

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This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

As many HR practitioners evolve from domestic human resource management to global human resource management there are several skills that need to be acquired and adaptations need to be made in order to overcome major challenges and manage a geographically dispersed workforce.

Through an on-site seminar, we can enable you to examine the impact of your firm’s international expansion on your people management strategies.

HR practitioners who operate in the global arena will benefit from the insight the seminar will provide on the impact of global expansion on HR practices. In particular the programme will explore the initial considerations HR need to make when expanding across borders for the first time or moving into new jurisdictions. The programme will then review the next steps for managing the workforce from recruitment to cultural awareness to techniques for managing workers remotely.

Participants will:

  • Be able to develop an international recruitment strategy and conduct international workforce planning
  • Discover tactics for managing a workforce remotely
  • Review your policies to meet the demands of a global workforce

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The role of HR in supporting overseas growth

  • Current drivers behind international growth
  • HR’s role in supporting growth strategies
  • People management challenges of expanding overseas
  • Developing new skills for overseas HR management

Resourcing your international operations

  • Resourcing a new office with the necessary skills
  • Finding local talent in new markets
  • Temporary and permanent staff
  • Selecting & managing expatriate workers
  • Immigration rules
  • Visa issues
  • Intra company transfers

Attracting the best people in a competitive global market

  • Benchmarking your pay and benefits to attract the best quality applicants
  • Building a total reward package to suit an international workforce
  • Creating an attractive package with non financial reward elements
  • Flexible working, gym membership
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Developing a positive employer brand

Equality and diversity

  • Ensuring your recruitment and staff management polices comply with legislation
  • Understand how cutting edge diversity practices can deliver business results
  • Raising levels of participation and improving employee motivation and creativity, so raising productivity
  • Embedding diversity practices into the organisational practices for complete inclusion

Building virtual teams to overcome geographical boundaries

  • Engaging employees as one team
  • Utilising technology to communicate more easily and more effectively
  • Building cultural competences for success as a new global organisation
  • Managing local teams
  • Communication

Developing your talent to manage expanding global operations

  • Aligning learning and development with organisational goals
  • Globalising your talent management strategy
  • Identifying high potential employees
  • International performance management best practice
  • Building a high performance workplace
  • Meet future expansion needs by developing current talent

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