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Psychometric Tools for HR Professionals and Managers

Use psychometric tools to enhance performance and development

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The use of Psychometrics is rapidly increasing. Organisations recognise the deeply energising impact of Psychometrics, the increase in self-awareness they bring and the positive impact they have on performance and development.

There are thousands of different tools and instruments on the market, each with varying applications. It can be a daunting prospect knowing where to start: when to use them, how to apply them, and which tools are best suited to different needs and challenges.

Regardless of this increase in Psychometric use, there are still those who do not understand them and the benefits they bring. It’s the engagement of these key decision makers within your organisation which is critical to success.

Seminar highlights

Delivered by Business and Organisational Psychologists, qualified in Personality and Ability Test Use, this seminar will enable you to:

  • Compare the leading tools on the market – and choose the best for your culture and needs
  • Understand how to measure talent on different levels and to use a multi-tool approach to increase validity, impact and value
  • Engage beginners and sceptics around the use of psychometrics
  • Discuss your challenges, questions and experiences with qualified practitioners and others who may be facing similar issues
  • Plan the use of psychometrics within your organisation to further develop an objective, validated and coherent approach

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09:00 Seminar begins

How to maximise value in using psychometrics

  • Choose the best tools for different contexts and to achieve different outcomes
  • Align the tools you use with your learning and development needs, with organisational development and with team and individual performance
  • Conduct a structured assessment of the available tools using clearly defined criteria
  • Link the psychometric  tools you use with existing initiatives and approaches – for example, with 360 feedback, competency frameworks and personal development plans
  • Build an approach that enables you to achieve a mult-ilevel measurement of human behaviours, preferences strengths and qualities

Explore the theory behind psychometrics

  • Understand the fundamentals of psychology informing psychometrics
  • Explore individual Difference and Personality theory
  • Share the insights you gained from your pre-reading
  • Use your understanding of the theory to plan effective implementation
  • Identify the pitfalls – what can go wrong in using psychometrics
  • Link the theory to the realities of the workplace and to business performance

How to use psychometrics in a skilled and effective way

  • The importance of empathy and emotional intelligence
  • How to respond when a team member rejects the profile they receive of the feedback they are given
  • Receiving your own Belbin psychometric profile
  • How to get value from the profile you receive
  • How to help your team members to get value from their profile – and how to support them as they apply it to the reality of their working life
  • Engaging sceptics around the use of psychometrics – helping them to see the benefits and the value
  • Harnessing the energising impact of psychometrics to increase motivation and performance
  • Capitalising on people’s curiosity about the process
  • Ensuring you receive the maximum return from the investment you make
  • Planning the way ahead

13:00 Close of seminar

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