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The Manager as Coach

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Most organisations now recognise coaching as a critical skill for managers. Increasingly, it is being used more widely across an organisation to drive development and change. Many businesses and individuals are adopting coaching to help achieve goals and solve problems – and improve employee retention and engagement levels.

Highlighting key tools and techniques to improve and consolidate your coaching skills, this workshop is a must-attend for anyone with line management responsibilities who wants to expand their management tool portfolio.

Who will benefit?

Team leaders, line managers and directors who wish to make full use of coaching as part of their performance management toolkit.

Participants will:

  • Understand how coaching works and when it is appropriate
  • Apply effective techniques and coaching styles
  • Use reliable models to plan and carry out coaching
  • Develop your skill at formulating and communicating clear and constructive feedback

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  • Understand types, styles and models of coaching
  • Where and when to coach
  • Learn how to realistically incorporate coaching into your day to day activity
  • Develop the skills to coach effectively using proven methodologies and models
  • Coaching in practice – setting up the session
  • Creating anchors for coaching
  • Defining well-formed outcomes with your coachees
  • Using coaching for developing and overcoming work-based problems


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