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TUPE Beyond the Law

Bespoke, practical training on the ‘people change’ aspects of TUPE

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

Undertaking a TUPE transfer can be one of the most difficult challenges facing a business from a ‘people change’ perspective.

It can prove a most stressful time for all concerned whether managers, HR or the affected employees.

Failure to complete an employee transition successfully can reflect badly on an organisation, affect the service delivered, damage future employee relations and be costly.

JSB has, for many years, been delivering key TUPE events that introduce participants to the law and its application. Due to demand we have now supplemented our offering by providing practical TUPE training courses that focus on doing it right in the real-life situation.


What will the workshops cover?

The workshops being developed focus on the full end-to-end process including:

  • Practical tips on the pitfalls that can be faced and overcome
  • The importance of the people proposition in the bid process
  • The need for people clauses in the commercial contract that govern the management of the TUPE process both in and out
  • Delivering a robust employment due diligence process that ensures that all angles are covered and all inherited/ other costs captured in the price build
  • Both organisations working together to deliver a professional transition
  • Carrying out a Change Impact Analysis to develop the TUPE Measures Statement and set the right expectations for the affected employees
  • Working with Trade Unions or elected representatives in an open and constructive manner
  • The key role that employee engagement plays in ensuring a productive post-transfer workforce
  • The integration of the TUPE transferees into the existing organisation to deliver the planned financial and service benefits

Who will benefit?

Our highly engaging workshops will leave your HR team and managers with the skills and tools to deliver seamless business/service provision TUPE transfers – now and in the future. You will benefit from a customised course based on the actual challenge that you are facing.


Access to JSB’s expert

Alan Sturrock is a TUPE HR specialist with over 15 years’ related experience. This has given him a great insight into all manner of TUPE/People issues that could arise in real life from the pre-sales to employee induction/integration stage. Having acted as both the transferor and transferee he understands the TUPE challenges from both a customer and supplier perspective.

If you would like Alan to assist you with the practical management of TUPE, please get in touch today.

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