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Unlocking Employee Voice

Understand the vital role of employee voice in enabling engagement in the modern workplace

This is a sample learning overview that we can design and deliver specifically for your organisation.

We can help you understand what employee voice is and explore the powerful impact on engagement that can be achieved by unlocking it. Participants will return to work with the knowledge and skills to implement structures and management techniques to deliver a forum for employee voice that is appropriate for your organisation.

Employee voice is one of the four enablers of engagement and has direct links to innovation. Examine how organisations which encourage participation and harness employee voice can obtain competitive advantage by nurturing motivated, high performing employees.

Explore how true involvement and voice can empower employees and ensure that they feel part of a democratic organisation which genuinely seeks to understand them, listen and act on what they have to say.

Gain an in-depth understanding of the tools, techniques, and models which are used to unlock employee voice and harness the benefits of it, plus examine the common barriers to accessing true voice and how to overcome them.

Who will benefit?

  • HR Directors
  • Directors and Heads of Employee Engagement
  • Directors of Employee Relations
  • Employee Benefits Managers
  • Heads of Internal Communications
  • Heads of Reward and Recognition
  • Organisational Development Managers
  • Heads of Talent Management
  • HR Policy and Strategy Advisers and Decision Makers

Participants will:

  • Build a clear understanding of how organisational culture can support voice
  • Understand the structures and processes that enable the effective expression of voice and how to implement them
  • Explore the barriers to true voice being heard and how to overcome them
  • Gain a working knowledge of various available tools and techniques available and their preactical application
  • Access a guided step-by-step approach to create and sustain the 'informed voice' within your organisation, and cultivate greater confidence and trust amongst staff

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Understanding employee voice as a precursor to employee engagement

  • The dynamics of employee voice (defining employee voice and establishing its importance)
  • Understanding various kinds of voices (individual vs. aggregate, direct vs. indirect)

Mainstreaming employee voice

  • Key factors enabling employee voice
  • Impact of organisational culture & behaviour, leadership style and role
  • Facilitating proper channels
  • Identifying  and utilising the tools and techniques that can bring about increased employee voice
  • Practical challenges and solutions

Role of HR as enablers of success

  • Training and development to enable and engage
  • Structures and process that shape employee voice to create a uniformed Voice
  • Case studies
  • Measuring employee engagement

The emergence of 'social voice' - the role of social media in unlocking employee voice

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