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Learning Channels

We support and deliver learning through a mix of channels, aggregating and aligning knowledge, and focusing on outstanding instructional design to optimise engagement, efficiency, application and sustained impact.

Explore the expanding sections below to learn more about the range of delivery options for our learning and development services.

In-house training courses and L&D programmes

We design and deliver engaging, high-impact in-house learning and development programmes. Whether it’s a simple and effective face-to-face course that you are looking for, or a more complex multi-platform approach to meeting your L&D needs, JSB has the depth of experience to help.
We draw upon our experience of running face-to-face standalone courses or modules within a larger programme; coaching small groups and individuals; facilitating team events and meetings; applying profiling and psychometric tools; running e-learning courses, webinars and virtual classrooms and helping organisations on a consulting basis.
To maximise efficiency we can work on a joint delivery basis, designing learning, piloting programmes and running train the trainer sessions before handing over delivery to internal L&D resources.
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Our executive coaches work at all levels: from middle managers, professionals and high potential executives to CEOs and senior partners.

As standalone development or integrated into blended programmes, we help clients develop the skills, insight and self-awareness they need to build and sustain their success, and that of their organisation.

Discreet, targeted and highly impactful, we carefully match coach and methodology to meet the requirements of coaches, whether they need to:

  • Build strategic leadership and managerial capability, particularly in a new or revised role
  • Respond quickly to current or anticipated changes in their environment
  • Achieve a shift in thinking, attitude and approach towards themselves, others or their circumstances
  • Develop new skills and knowledge to meet a personal or organisational challenge
  • Assess and reshape their own or their team’s performance, career or objectives

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Technology enhanced learning

We believe in building appropriate technology-based elements into programmes to maximise efficiency, support all learning styles and reinforce development.

Our consultants and instructional designers are skilled in blending different learning technologies with face-to-face workshops, team building and coaching.

We have the expertise to integrate e-learning, virtual classrooms, pod casts, video, online needs assessments/diagnostics and simulations with face-to-face interventions to produce high-impact, cost effective learning that generates lasting and measurable impact.

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Facilitation is a powerful approach we employ where clients require support to catalyse strategy sessions, steer challenging meetings or drive change processes.

Our objective facilitators are skilled at developing a positive, productive and creative environment. Capable of running facilitation for groups at all levels, we work alongside internal partners and liaise carefully with key stakeholders throughout the process.

Team development

A great team is a construct, not an accident.

Working with teams at all levels, we design and run team development sessions, board and management away-days – both on and off-site.

We can help you to:

  • Enhance and sustain high performance, building a culture to support it
  • Create fresh and innovative solutions to the challenges you face
  • Ensure your people are active and willing contributors to change
  • Re-focus, re-invigorate and better integrate your team
  • Address and resolve people and process issues

Every event is different and is designed to meet the specific needs and culture of the group concerned. We create engaging, high-impact team development events that employ an appropriate mix of business related activity, personal development, outward bound activity, breakout sessions, brainstorms, team and individual activities, role plays, guest speakers, professional actors, problem solving, creative thinking techniques and planning tools.

Experiential and action learning

We believe that interactive, practical and business-focussed learning and development delivers the greatest impact and achieves sustainable results.

Our design philosophy centres on enabling individuals to practise skills, apply knowledge and work through business scenarios grounded in the reality of their own team and organisation.

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Diagnostics, analysis and psychometric tools

Our consultants are qualified and accredited in a wide range of methodologies and instruments, enabling our clients to accurately assess individual, team and organisational development needs in order to make the best investment decisions and prioritise activity.

Often forming a key part of the Discovery phase in our 5D Approach, the results give a valuable insight into the personality styles, preferences, motivations, aptitude and potential of your people and provide a strong foundation for high-impact development.

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Face-to-face courses (Open enrolment)

We run more than 200 practical and interactive open enrolment seminars and webinars each year, giving access to best practice, essential knowledge and applied skills.

Each event is carefully developed to focus on applied learning and utilises and optimal mix of pre-work, models and theory, case studies, real scenario problem solving, role-play and post-session follow up. We provide practical learning and skills that can be applied to support your day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

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Organisational consulting

We help our clients optimise organisational structure and align the culture, teams and individuals within it - the building blocks of sustained performance.

Through diagnosis, advice, support, and facilitation we help clients gain clarity and perspective, enabling them to think beyond the obvious and establish actionable solutions to their organisational and people challenges.

This practical, rigorous and intelligent approach delivers highly cost effective results that enable our clients to adjust their thinking, understand their priorities and implement change quickly and efficiently.

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Interactive webinars (Open enrolment)

Our international employment law webinars provide easy access to expert guidance on cross-border HR management plus employment law in a range of different countries. 

Designed to feel like virtual classrooms, the interactive nature of our webinars significantly enhances the learning experience and allows you to participate in the following ways: 

  • A pre-webinar questionnaire: pose your questions to the panel prior to the webinar
  • Live video streaming: follow the discussion easily as speakers impart critical insights and knowledge
  • Live Q&A feed: ask questions throughout the discussion
  • Post event follow up: connect and build relationships with our experts
  • What’s more, you will also receive a comprehensive documentation pack that captures everything covered in the webinar.

Each of our international employment law webinars is led by a panel of expert speakers, often lawyers practising in leading firms within the country in question, giving you the reassurance that you will receive first-class learning.

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Qualifications and modular programmes (Open enrolment)

We provide a range of qualifications and professional development programmes designed specifically for HR professionals. These deliver learning of the highest quality and in-depth development, allowing students to enhance their careers and their professional capabilities.

Modular in nature, many feature a blend of learning that includes seminars, coaching, virtual classrooms and work based assignments. Each of the programmes is designed with flexibility in mind to fit around participants’ work and home commitments.Explore the qualifications below to learn more about how we can help you enhance your expertise and develop your career.    


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