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For the right person at the right time, coaching can deliver outstanding value as a discrete activity, in parallel with other development, or as part of a more integrated programme.

Our executive coaches work in all sectors and with clients at all levels from middle managers to board-level executives. We help them develop the skills, insight and self-awareness they need to build and sustain their success – and that of their organisation.

Stand-alone coaching interventions

  • Leadership and management capability enhancement
  • New appointment and first 100 days
  • Promotion, role transition and career development
  • Fast-track skills or knowledge acquisition
  • Mediation of conflict or disagreement
  • Building personal impact, presence and communication style
  • Strategy and change planning
  • Media handling
  • Preparation for conference speaking, pitches, city presentations and roadshows
  • Competency-based applications and interview coaching for senior appointments, including Preparing for Judicial Appointment and Silk

Coaching as a part of an integrated development programme

  • Feedback following 360° and related review processes
  • Talent review and development
  • Performance management
  • Business integration and restructuring
  • Engagement and retention initiatives
  • Support for strategic change and corporate initiatives
  • Culture change and organisational development
  • Top team and high potential development

A distinctive approach: our ethos

We match executive coach and coachee carefully and empathetically to ensure an effective working relationship built on trust and confidentiality. Our coaches operate flexibly to meet clients’ time and business needs, working in person or on the phone as required. We ensure that coachees commit to agreed actions between sessions to build momentum and enhance contribution.

This ensures clients receive development that is:

The essential principles:

Judicial Appointment
and Silk

We offer specialist support to lawyers and solicitors applying for judicial posts and Silk.

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Our people

Our success is driven by the strength of our team.

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Learning channels

A wide range of learning methods ensures we deliver learning that is appropriate, specific and drives sustainable change.

These include

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